Just this afternoon I was driving around and listening to the new Max Buda CD that Chris Darrow's wife sent to me a couple of months ago.  It definitely had "the sound" from back in the day and it reminded me of Kaleidoscope and of my father, Paul.   

These last few months have been interesting.  Life itself is wonderful, my daughter is beautiful and growing, I'm 2/3's done with an intensive masters program that has been capturing my attention, my health is fabulous, I'm surrounded with wonderful friends/community, I'm completely smitten with my new lover - life it good. I'm most fortunate.  From the day-to-day I don't always think about my father and then things come up. Like the morning a few months when I had a dream he was talking to me and telling me to get up in the morning and call his partner, and comfort her. When I awoke the next morning I went into projecting around the house and forgot to make the call until I  heard a distinct, "MooMoo, please call." Whatever I had in my hand I put down and said out loud, "Alright, alright" and made the call. I hadn't spoken to his partner since a few months after the funeral in Minneapolis.  The evening before her mother, who had lived with her and Paul, had passed.  She needed the call and the support. In less than a year she had now lost both Paul and her.  I had called at the right time, as he requested. 

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from an old military, musician friend of my father's, Melvin Lundstrad.  He and that groups of friend just heard of Paul's passing and have some stories to share.  I'll be looking forward to that call this afternoon.

Want to continually thank you for posting and keeping the memory of Paul's life alive.  Best, Michelle Lagos

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  • Jul 26 2011, 2:43 PM
    randulo responded:
    Hi Michele,

    It's great that there's a place to share these memories. I was thinking a few days ago that someone should collect data and references about Paul's life an career for a Wikipedia article. Last I looked there was nothing there. Paul's huge influence deserves to be recorded. I would do it myself but I have little factual info to go on and WP absolutely has to contain links to printed books. Paul is certainly mentioned in several music reference books and his discography must be collected with those references.

    I hope someone can do this, and soon, before the rest of us go.

  • Jul 26 2011, 3:01 PM
    Michelle Lagos responded:
    That's a project I would be happy to work on with you after I graduate at the end of Feb. It's a wonderful idea!m Let's make sure to stay in touch. Designsmlagos@gmail.com
  • Jul 26 2011, 11:04 PM
    randulo responded:
    I just watched a movie Paul would have loved: Barney's Version