Paul's Playing on Cup Full of Dreams (Sugarcane)

Cup Full of Dreams is now available on CD

Promising Music has re-released the Cup Full of Dreams album (MPS) as a CD, with original liner notes and new additional ones. This music was recorded in L.A. with many people Don played and recorded with at the time: Dewey Terry, Paul Lagos, Larry Taylor, Harvey Mandel, Victor Conte and Richard Aplan (and your humble servant, me).


Ralph Quinke wrote in the original liner notes, Should you , dear reader, be perusing this text in a record store without having heard the fabulous music on this record, please listen at least to a few bars of "Running Away"... Without doubt, you will be excited by the firerworks of sounds which Sugarcane is conjuring up on his blue fiddle. From bar one, it takes off like a hurricane, fast-paced, with dream-like assurance and intense feeling.

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