Paul, Pat and Lolly Vegas, Redbone

This popped into my head last night. I used to live next door to Paul's on Fenn Street in L.A. Paul knew they Redbone guys, Pat and Lolly Vegas, maybe he played woth them at some point. (Can someone fill us in?)

So I recall Paul rented his house to these guys or their friends, and they lived not in the house but in tipis in the front yard. This in turn made me think of Paul's idea to have goats for milk and to keep weeds and grass of the front yard in years before. I can remember driving up to Paul's house before I lived near it. The first thing you'd see after passing Glenn's peacock refuge was the goats tethered in the yard eating the anise plants.

Heady days!

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  • Jan 9 2011, 8:35 AM
    annegiles responded:
    While there is no record of Paul playing w/ Redbone, he basically got them signed. I pulled this off of the Redbone bio page : Paul Lagos, who was drumming for the band Kaleidoscope, knew the West Coast President of Epic Records, Larry Cohen. One day Paul brought Larry Cohen to hear the Vegas brother’s band, who in the meantime had become Redbone. The next day, they were signing contracts with Epic Records.
  • Jan 9 2011, 8:38 AM
    randulo responded:
    Yeah, it was Paul who got us the Epic deal. I guess they just hung out in the early 70's in L.A.