Stopping by to say hi

Unforgettable, Paul, you made the list!

I hope people keep on discovering this memorial on into the decade.

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  • Mar 13 2010, 1:56 PM
    Tony C. responded:
    Back in the late 60's when Paul was still living in the Los Angeles area,Sierra Madre, I had taken some lessons from him. After I found out he had moved back to St.Paul I contacted him. I asked him about how cold it was there and he said "it doesnt matter as long as you are playing the music you love!" He had studied with Philly Joe and I mentioned I had this photo of Joe blown up and framed and he asked me for a copy to make a painting from.To this day I still have the grooves he wrote out for me.
  • Apr 3 2010, 12:58 PM
    Tom Zosel responded:
    It's important to keep Paul's memory alive. Glad to see that tributes are still coming in, because NOTHING matters "if you're playing the music you love." We are all blessed for having known you, Paul.
    One Love!