Toni writes : My big brother

    I must have been between 3 & 4 years old, which meant Paul was 8. The family had moved from Manhattan to Lodi, NJ where we lived for about 2 1/2 years. Paul was already obsessed with the Marines. He had all the gear....canteens, camoflauge uniforms, pup tents, and pots & pans
including K-rations. He pitched his tent, dug his trench in the yard, and led his troops on a mile hike. When we got back to camp, Paul cooked lunch, which consisted of regulation Army surplus
K-Rations.He cut open bags of gooey stuff, cooked it over the fire, and served it to me on a tin plate from his mess kit.
I can't tell you what the food tasted like, or where we walked, but it is my earliest recollection of many times with my big brother.

                                                        Paul and the Magic Stove

    There appeared a large appliance box from somewhere. I was playing " house " with my little stove in the yard.Paul must have put a door in the box and made it look like a real stove. He told me it was magic and sent me inside to count to 100 several times. Each time I returned there were cookies in the stove. I was so excited,and I remember thinking he was so smart he could do anything. I still think that. I just loved him.

    Paul was passionate about a few select things. Looking back, he had very sophisticated taste for a young kid.He loved Jackie Gleason, Ernie Kovacs and Mad Mageyne. I can still remember his funny impressions of Jackie Gleasonand the skits from the Ernie Kovacs show he would do for Mom and I. Even as a kid he was always really funny.

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  • Nov 13 2009, 4:18 AM
    Anne responded:
    The running of the pretend candidate was legendary. Living in Ridgewood myself, I went to dinner at my very first boyfriend's home, and somehow it was discovered that his uncle went to RHS w/ Paul. The entire evening's converstaion then turned to Paul and what a genius he was to win that election along w/ the 100 other class clown acts he had perpetrated. I was mortified. I thought Uncle Paul was a horrible representative of our I know better.