The Small Cymbal

One of my favorite tunes from the PFDA days was "Do It Yourself". First of all, Paul thought it ironic that Sugarcane, whose violin Paul had to go buy back at pawn shops all over L.A. before gigs or tours, was singing this song:

"If you want... somethin' done... you better... Do It Yourself."

Second of, this was one of the rare tunes where I had a solo when there were two guitars in the band. I love the New Orleans feel that was created by Paul's drumming. Incidentally, when the band was formed, it was Paul that would say to the lethargic Sugarcane, "Ok, now we need a fast tune." "We need a shuffle." "What ballad can you sing." "Let's do something with a New Orleans feel." It was that latter that became "Do It".

Paul did a great drum solo in DIY, and near the end was the one time he used a tiny, hi-hat top cymbal that sat there the whole set. In the last chorus of his solo in DIY, he got real quiet, then did the "Dit dit dit dahhhhhhh" that matched the chords in that part of the tune. That series of three simple eighth notes followed by a half note, capped by the originality of a Lagos fill never failed to get applause! There was a "Lagosism" about this phenomenon:

"You gotta have a little cymbal."


PFDA on Amazon

While I was looking to the Amazon link, I found this among the reviews, from a Norwegian calling himself "The Evil Prince" posted in March, 2008:

"[...]This is also one of the sadly few albums to represent drummer Paul Lagos at his very very best and maybe only equalled by "Incredible Kaleidoscope". There are many really good and great drummers of all styles who haven`t received their deserved fame, but the situation with Lagos is utterly terrible.

I would rate Paul Lagos as my favourite american rock drummer of all times ..."

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  • Nov 19 2009, 3:15 AM
    Anne responded:
    I've seen this review. There's funny..almost scathing one I sent to Uncle Nick that says. I love New Orleans style music..I'm going to go and listen to this song.
  • Nov 20 2009, 9:08 AM
    Michelle Lagos responded:
    This album cover makes me chuckle a little...Lots of hair going on.
  • Nov 20 2009, 9:13 AM
    Anne responded:
    Go to Sugarcane's site or click on the pulasting article link...more hair
  • Nov 20 2009, 1:01 PM
    Art Resnick responded:
    Yah, Randy looks like Jesus