There was always something special about between Paul, Nick, and my middle son Chris. Nick was 15 years younger than his oldest brother, and Paul really didn't live in the house with Nick for very long. But at night, after dinner, Paul would put Nicky on his lap wrap his arms around him....and they would drum on his practice pad. Years later, when Nick was in college,they formed a very strong relationship. It was more than just the love of music they shared, but humor, politics, philosophy,and much more. A generation later Paul connected the same way with Chris, who was already very close to Nick. The love of jazz was there for sure, but they shared something no one else could get. Oh I saw it, but I wasn't a member of the " inner circle ".It's not that the 3 of them wouldn't let me in, but rather, I didn't know how to get in. I just loved watching the 3 of them interact. 

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