The Famous Red Sauce Recipe - I have a copy! - by Michelle Lagos

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  • Nov 4 2009, 9:07 AM
    Michelle Lagos responded:
    Let me translate "cooking as long as possible" that means simmering at least 6 hours and he used at least double the garlic, back in the day.
  • Nov 4 2009, 9:09 AM
    randulo responded:
    I bought a huge garlic today, but we won't be abme to simmer for three
    hours, the smell is driving me nbuts already.

    I want to broadcast the Nov 15 tribute LIVE on VIDEO. SOmeone make it
    happen. I'll join you from here.
  • Nov 4 2009, 3:29 PM
    Art Resnick responded:
    Yah, he taught me how to do this when we lived together. Speaking of the sauce, there is a famous sauce story I'll write about and blog in.