Remembering Paul Lagos from the Mayor of Ridgewood

Remembering Paul Lagos from the " Mayor of Ridgewood" 

Dear Nick:

I just felt a desire to post a few comments about your brother Paul and his truly unique perspective and love of life.   I remember when I was living in Orange County in California and you and I drove out a few times to see him at a gig in Santa Monica - I think it was the Pink Pussy Cat (a gay bar) somewhere on Wilshire (?)...long before gps   and it took a lot of searching…but we went, had a great time and he was as always a lot of fun  and we had a good time and glad to see us.  

As time went on, Paul and I ran into each other a number of times in Ridgewood; which is when he decided to call me the mayor of Ridgewood in the future...I remember I was out of town for a while and he stayed at my house for  5 or 6 days and he apparently got to know some locals at that time as a matter of fact I believe you were around for a while as well.  He even tried to fix me up once at Smith Brothers and went out of his way to introduce me to a nice young lady that I had noticed. 

I guess I missed the early years of Paul in Ridgewood but I could see he always enjoyed being back home.  I am sorry for his loss but just have to say he is a great guy and have to admit I always liked being called the mayor.

Rest in Peace Paul

Bob Haworth     

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