After Boot Camp

    Paul came home on his first leave after boot camp. He looked buff.....and so neat and clean. He told me horrorstories about boot camp and taught me how to spit polish his boots. It was a great visit until he had to leave. I remember crying and hugging him goodbye.

                                            AND MOM NEVER KNEW

    Paul only really lived at home for a spring and summer after he got out of the Marines. I had an 11:30 curfew. My boyfriend would bring me home and
Paul would take me into the city; what great times. I heard some great musicians play at some very famous places: The Village Vanguard;Basin Street East; and the Blue Note; The Bitter End and the Apollo. It was great. He was Great! To me, he knew how to doEVERYTHING. We probably made 10 or so trips into the city. I'll never forget that summer.

                                                        UNCLE PAUL

    Paul settled in LA and I got married and had 3 kids. He'd come stay with us in Ridgewood for anywhere from a weeko a few months. The kids loved it when he was there and so did I. He tried to teach me about organic food, the 20-30vitamins he felt I should take daily...and he really did cook GREAT FOOD.

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