Nick, Peter, and Mom all lived in Tampa. Not often enough, Paul and I would visit there. One year I had to stay an extra weekbecause of a blizzard. I remember unbelievable food and jazz, Paul " power walking " through Nick's house incessantly all week,nd Nick and I laughing so hard and so much that our sides hurt.

    Paul was bright and talented. He really could do anything that caught his interest. I've looked up to him my whole life.But what I really want all of you to know is this: Beyond this man with a tremendous sense of humor and passion for so many things;there was a sweetness and kindness and gentleness. He could be jumping around telling a story with his own animated style; or quietly telling you that everything would be all right....and make you believe it. I've always been proud of him as a musician,but most of all, I'll always be proud of the person he was.

    If there is a heaven, I know Paul is there playing his drums while God is listening ( and tapping his foot ).

I'll see you later Paul,
 I love you,


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