Art Blakey Sketch

I got this from my nephew Chris - Toni’s second son – Chris and Paul
were constant companions when Paul lived with Toni’s family in New
Jersey years ago (late 80s and early 90s) – Chris and his friends used
to literally hang out with Paul and get into trouble, they would
include me in the trouble making when I would come up to Ridgewood to
visit; Chris’s friends used to call him Uncle Health! – of course,
healthy activities (other than vitamins, etc.) was not the activities
that Paul and they practiced, if you know what I mean  – it prints out
quite well – I just tried it in an 11 X 17 version and it looks great.
Below is the note Chris sent me

Attached is a drawing that he did while he was with us in Ridgewood.
He gave it to me for Christmas that year and it always goes up on my
bookshelves when I move to a new place. I’ve been trying to post it on
the website and share some thoughts but can barely get through a
paragraph……but I promise there will be something from me soon.

----- did you see where Roy Haynes was at the Artist’s Quarter just
last month? Pretty cool……Uncle Paul could play with any of those guys.

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  • Nov 20 2009, 9:06 AM
    Michelle Lagos responded:
    Thank you for sharing this one. i hadn't seen it ~Michelle
  • Nov 20 2009, 9:17 AM
    Anne responded:
    Uncle Paul drew this for Chris while sitting w/ him in Ridgewood NJ. I've always seen it on his bookshelves wherever he's been, but never knew Uncle Paul drew it. Chris has jazz art everywhere and frankly this sketch is just as well drawn as the other "professional" ones so I didn't think to ask.