Whatever Works

So I'm watching this Woody Allen movie at the moment which, for the record, as a humble consumer of entertainment, so far sucks in my opinion. I think all the acting is off, it looks like it might have been great as a live play, but seems stilted to me on film. David and the woman in the first part look like they are in a play. Which is fine, but that's a different thing. I can hear lines that Woody could have pulled off that don't work for Larry David. Well, I'm only in the first 10 minutes, so I'll give it another 20 or so. Woody should find younger actors like Ben Stiller, to do his movies and maybe they'd still be funny. As far as New York goes, Paul was all over the topic.

"Whatever works"

Paul said this to me on numerous occasions, and it looms a lot larger than this lame movie which much have cost millions to produce. Paul could have been in a movie called "Whatever Works", though hopefully not this train wreck. Maybe Woody should retire?

"Even the Porto Ricans are Jewish in New York", there's a line of Paul's that was funnier than this whole movie so far.

Ok, I'm now at 30 minutes in, the girl is good but Larry still isn't delivering the lines as well as Woody did in his prime. Example, "It isn't that I don't have an ulcer, it's that they can't find an ulcer." How funny is it when I say it? I rest my case.

Last 20 minutes, pretty good. Whatever works.

Anyway, here are a few more lines:

It isn't the idiom, it's the idiot

Meaning: Any kind of music can be hip if real music is being played, not just a collection of licks. A variation of this theme was

"I don't care if you play steam caliope, you better be saying something."


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