More on Geneva

In 1974, I can't remember how Paul got this Curtis Brother gig in Geneva, Switzerland but I was between two tours, Europe and Asia with Mayall so I agreed to do it because it was Paul. A piano player named Ronnie, and was it Ron Johnson on bass? The long and short of it was, the Bros did a show where each set was a medeley, few if any solos and that shit gets boring after a few rehearsals, let alone when you're in a club "performing" it.

I was lucky, because I had a girlfriend in Zurich and I get her to to come and stay with me in Geneva. Sex, food and drugs are the only relief from a truly boring gig. The rooms we had in the hotel were small, no fridge and when the band got done, it was the middle of the night. Whenever that phrase came up, Paul and I would sing it - what was that from, Shaft? or some R&B hit? Anyway, In the Middle of the Night there wasn't any place open to go eat so we made sandwiches and hung them out the window in the pillowcases of our rooms. That was, when we got back, we'd be able to eat and for me, go back to my Swiss-German girl.

During the sets, near the end of a totally arranged (as in no spontanaity at all) 6-song medley complete with written modulated transitions, Paul and I would look at each other go "Balogna sandwich there, boy" showing that was shit to look forward to after this pergatory. The future bolgna sandwich became the ultimate get off on stage.

Speaking of religion, the line "Try God, Paul. You've tried everything else..." is attributed to a past mother-in-law, don't know who.

A lot of strange things happened on that gig, but in the end, I had to leave early for the Asia tour with Mayall.

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